Our Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values

Global Truth Ministries Mission

The mission of Global Truth Ministries is to enable people of all nations to “Find”, “Know” and “Be” the Truth. That Truth is the innocence extended to us through Christ.

Our Values

Nothing is more important to us than seeing all believers enjoy the fullness of what salvation has to offer. It is equally important for us to see them prosper in the purpose that the Lord has for their lives.

In order for these to happen we try to focus on these elements in our teaching, exhortation, and fellowship:

1.Cultivate a “wealth mentality”

• If we renew our minds to think “what I can “GIVE” versus “what I can “GET” we will always have an abundance of everything.

•We want to model abundance in how we treat one another and in our generosity to visitors, newcomers, and anyone brought across our path

2. Bring heaven into the earth in everything that we do

• We intend to reinforce importance of the supernatural in worship, teaching, ministry, and outreach.

• In doing so we can make sure that “faith” is an action and not just a word.

3. Promote and practice love

• This is the hallmark of believers. We are relying on the Lord to enable us to “walk in love”. We can all do this in simple ways such as not withholding communications, affection, and concern when somebody fails to meet our expectations

• When we are presented with tough issues we use a biblical approach to handling conflicts and clashes such as the one outlined in Matthew 18 for example.

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