Our Staff

Our Staff

“Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.”
Hebrews 3:17

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We take leadership seriously at GTM. But our model is about service rather than being in charge. The pastors, elders, and deacons at GTM have all made the decision to lay down their lives on behalf of people to make sure that they grow and flourish in their faith.

LeRoy Thompson-LeRoy is originally from Bluefied, West Virginia and is Senior Pastor and Elder at GTM (and husband of Co-Pastor Rita-she’s on the other end!). He loves digging into the truth of the scriptures and sharing it whenever and wherever he can. He has a passion for reaching people who have been turned off to a traditional church.

Faye Davis-Faye is originally from Dunn, North Carolina and is a Deacon at GTM and knows how to make anyone feel at home and welcomed. She’s a prayer warrior and one of those folks who’ll take care of whatever needs to be done to meet the needs of people. Faye has a passion for people who get usually overlooked or disregarded and finds ways to encourage them in the Lord.

Denise Council-Ross-Denise is originally from Philadelphia, PA and is a Deacon at GTM (and wife of Byron. He’s at the other end too!) She is a gifted teacher, women and children’s minister. Denise has a passion for digging into the word to understand the intent of what the scriptures are saying.

Pearlie Madkins-Pearlie is originally from Fresno, California and is an Elder at GTM. She is a gifted teacher and worshipper. Pearlie is also a deep well of wisdom and can draw on her prophetic insight to speak a word to people that will encourage and strengthen them. Pearlie has a passion for seeing others develop an intimate relationship with the Lord.

Denise Motlagh (seated)-Denise is originally from Corning, New York and is a Deacon at GTM. She is a courageous prayer warrior, outstanding teacher and intercessor. She has a passion for seeing the glory of God manifest itself in such a tangible way that people are delivered, healed and set free.

Idalides Murphy-Idalides is originally from Panama City, Panama and is Pastor of the Spanish Ministry. She is a wonderful teacher and prayer warrior. Idalides’ prophetic insight helps people hear more clearly what the Lord is saying to them. She has a passion for seeing the walls of division within the body Christ come down so that we can all worship in the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace.

Rita Thompson-Rita is originally from Greenville, SC and is co-Senior Pastor and Elder. (and wife of Co-Pastor LeRoy-Remember? He’s on the other end!). Rita is an inspired teacher, counselor, children, and women’s minister. Her prophetic gifting helps people untangle themselves from the mindsets and assumptions that have held them back and opens their eyes to the freedom they have in Christ. She has a passion for families and seeing them function in harmony.

Byron Ross-Byron is originally from Clifton Forge, VA and is a Deacon at GTM. (and husband of Denise. You’ve figured that by now for sure!) Byron is an awesome exhorter, preacher, encourager, and worshipper. He has a passion for young people and implanting truth and their Biblical identity deep within them to insure their future success.

If you’d like to see a detailed bio of any of us just send your request to info@globaltruth.us.

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