What We Believe

What We Believe

John 3:17 really says is all:

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him (New International Version)

Below is the list of things that will give you more detail about Global Truth Ministries’ beliefs but essentially John 3:17 captures the essence. This means for us that we want to focus less on what’s wrong around us (and in us) and more on what the Holy Spirit is doing to fix them!

We hope that you find that to be a refreshing change from the traditional religious approach and that it motivate you to join us in sharing the really Good News!


It would be illogical to quote scripture to tell you that we believe that the Bible is the truth! There are obviously parts of it that we are all seeking to understand better. The bottom line though is that our lives have been completely changed because of a real encounter with God through the acceptance of the sacrifice made by Jesus. It is based on the experience of that encounter that we can so confidently proclaim that we know the truth. Our greatest desire is that you come to that knowledge too.


John 19:30 records “it is finished” as Jesus’ last words on the cross. So many believers have been confused into thinking that either God is still “angry” at them because of their imperfections or that they have to perform to stay in the Lord’s favor. We believe that neither of those is true and God loves you independent of your behavior. This removes the guilt and shame of our imperfections and makes it easier to have fewer imperfections. At Global Truth you will never hear about how “bad” you are but you’ll hear over and over again that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.


The Bible tells us in Ephesians 1:6 that we have been accepted because of the love shown to us by Jesus’ sacrifices for our sins. Likewise we believe that a church should be a place of acceptance no matter what circumstances we are going through. At Global Truth we are not here to pass judgment on you but to support and encourage you in all areas of your life. We believe that the “good work he has begun in you” will be completed.


2 Timothy 1:5 talks about the importance of having a real faith and to avoid pretending to be religious. While we have a deep reverence for the Lord at Global Truth, we also emphasize being genuine. There is no “dress code”, we love to laugh, and enjoy making new friends.

5. “Transformation”

Psalms 133 tells us that we are all a marvelous creation and that we’re gifted with a special purpose. We believe that the Lord’s love for us transforms our lives to bring forth that purpose. At Global Truth we are learning how to participate in the process of becoming what we were made to be.

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