How To Interpret Your Scores

How To Interpret Your Scores

(Finally here are the options for “How To Interpret Your Scores )

(one correct)

You only got one correct. Don’t despair. If you’re saved you’ve got eternity to figure this stuff out!

(two correct)

You got two correct. Okay, not bad. Unless of course you just guessed? If so, then you definitely need to come to church this Sunday!

(three correct)

You got three correct. That’s a good start. Check out GTM Online for some continuing education!

(four correct)

You got four correct. Good show! You’ve been reading and studying the scriptures for a while haven’t you!

(five correct)

You got all five correct. Wow! Hey, if you’re looking to preach and teach we’ve got some openings for you at GTM!

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